Top 5 Cooking Recipes for this Week

Top 5 Cooking Recipes for this Week

‘Food is life.’ This statement is purely true. Once in a while, you must experiment with your flavours. Having said that, we have compiled a list of miscellaneous dishes that are too hard to resist. Without any further delay, let’s get straight to the point.

Here are 5 Chef’s Special Recipes from Viniscookbook kitchen for this week:

Cinnamon Tea: Tea has a special place in every Indian’s heart. In different states across the country, people prefer a specific type of tea. However, some tea lovers are always ready to try new ‘chai’ tastes. Experimenting with flavours makes life a little bit interesting. Have you tried making a cinnamon tea? If not, you must give it a quick shot. It is milk-free, though our recipe is quite different from the usual ones. While adding the ingredients, you must be careful. Considering the health benefits of this spices, many people are incorporating it in their daily diets. You too join the league. Check out the complete Cinnamon Tea Recipe here.

Poha Upma: Poha is my all-time favourite morning choice and when it is Poha Upma, it just gets better. Poha Upma is a South Indian cuisine prepared with chana and urad dals. It is a delectable and nutritious breakfast option. If you are already bored with poha, then try your hand at our Poha Upma Recipe. You can team up the above tea recipe for making it more blissful in taste.

Green Chilli Paste: Wondering how to use the extra green chillies stored in the vegetable store? We have got a perfect idea for you. Have you heard about green chilli paste? There is a plethora of recipes in which this can be used. Also, you can use it for a fortnight if it is properly refrigerated. Alternatively, you can soak the paste in oil but this needs to be put to use within a minimum week time. To know about the ingredients and the right way to cook it, read here Green Chilli Paste Recipe.

Soya Keema Rolls: Considering the fact that soya is the sole protein comprising all 8 essential amino acids, these rolls are a must-try. These are ideal for kids’ lunchbox ideas. Usually, it is a tough task to feed healthy food to the children. This is one of the reasons why we have come up with Soya Keema Roll Recipe. Little ones rarely say ‘No’ to a wrap and a roll. So, take advantage of it and embrace a healthy lifestyle.  

Yogurt Parfait: This can be made either in a French or an American way. Here we have shared the latter version. Every meal is incomplete without desserts. Isn’t it? Yogurt parfait is a blend of Greek yogurt and fruits. Better than using ready made yoghurts, try to make it at home. Yoghurt Parfait is basically a frozen dessert that has mixed flavours of yoghurt. Granola and fruits. Find the making and serving way, here: Yoghurt Parfait Recipe.

Hope you liked the recipes. Have a personal request? Write to us. We would love to share our secrets with you. Watch this space for more food recipes. Something interesting is coming up next week. Stay tuned! Keep experimenting.



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