Merger of North and South Cuisine: Top 5 Delectable Snack Recipes of this Week

Merger of  North and South Cuisine: Top 5 Delectable Snack Recipes of this Week

Did we keep you waiting for long for our weekly recipes? Sorry if we did. We were trying to pick up the best and interesting recipes from our chef’s kitchen. So, we’re back with some new cooking directions that you might have heard about but not tried your hands at. To give you a quick summary, today we will be covering a few South Indian dishes along with the routines ones with a different mix of flavours and tastes. So, let’s get started without any further delay. Aren’t you excited? I’m not sure about you but I am.

Idli Podi:

First in our easy recipe list is idli podi. For those who are finding it difficult to comprehend the word ‘podi’. We will simplify it for you. Podi belongs to Tamil cuisine where it means powder. Another name for idli podi is milagai podi. It is basically a powdered condiment which is prepared by natural ingredients such as lentils, red chillies and sesame seeds. You all may have eaten dosa or idli with coconut chutney or sambar. It’s time to add another side dish to your South Indian cravings. Similar to idli chutneys, podi can be concocted with various ingredients. We have chosen the easiest Idli Podi Recipe for you. Do let us know the result. Was it tastier or better?

Ven Pongal:

If you have made peace with  North Indian cuisine reluctantly, then here we introduce the flavours of South in our next recipe. Generally, Pongal is served as a prasadam in most South temples. It is also prepared intensively in the harvest season of South India. Though the Ven Pongal Recipe may vary, we have come up with the easiest one. Made with lentils, rice ( raw rice) and split moong dal. You need to be careful about the proportion of each ingredient. Serve it on the breakfast table with love and enjoy a scrumptious meal.

Vrat Ke Chawal:

In a country like India, spirituality is an integral part of one’s life. The best part about India is that we always have a reason to celebrate life. Thanks to the endless festivals and occasions that last all year long. With the ‘Sawan’ in full swing, many devotees are on a fasting. This Vrat Ke Chawal Recipe is jotted down thinking about all those readers. Keeping a fast is not that easy, you have to be specific in your diet. Cereals are no big no during fasts. So, here’s an alternative to rice, barnyard millet, also referred to as ‘samvat ke chawal.’ The ingredients are kept minimal but there is no compromise with the tastes. On non-fasting days, this recipe can be changed a little to a pulao recipe. Fast but also take proper care of your physical health.

Bread Roll:

Monsoon season will stay here for some time. This recipe is ideal for your ‘monsoon’ craving. Avoid the roadside samosas, and prefer this easy bread roll recipe. Comparatively, these rolls are quick to make because there is no coating or batter. Blend the bread and potatoes and enjoy the monsoons sitting on your terrace or balcony. Also, it is recommended to use old breads. There’s a reason behind it and it is disclosed in our recent Bread Roll Recipe. Check out the cooking directions to know more.

Savoury Kardoi:

 If tanginess is your life’s flavour,  then you would definitely love our ‘Savoury Kardoi’. It is an Assamese dish that is not only nutritious but also full of flavour. Rather than all-purpose flour, Kardoi is made with whole wheat flour. It is a great kids’ lunchbox idea. Often kids get tempted by its shape and relish it thoroughly. It is difficult to find a whole wheat snack nowadays. But our team at Viniscookbook has discovered one especially for our readers. Make sure that you follow the instructions properly. Read Savoury Kardoi Recipe right away.

Ready for delectable mornings? Experiment and keep cooking! Watch this space for more food blogs. There’s something interesting coming up. Stay tuned and keep reading us!


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