5 Must-try Recipes of this Week

5 Must-try Recipes of this Week

Did you try any recipes from our last blogs? If yes, then do share your opinion, experience or suggestions. We are back with another exciting food blog. Today we have a mixed dishes in store for our readers from Thukpa to Pachole. Aren’t you keen to know about them all? I am uncertain about you but we are. We, at VinisCookbook, always bring the best of recipes for you. We understand that food is life and having varieties in it makes it an enjoyable affair. Isn’t it? So, without any further delay, let’s get started:

Bread Upma: Have no idea how to use the leftover bread in a more fashionable way? Well, we would help you out. Have you tried your hands at bread upma? It is an easy-to-make dish. Moreover, it does not take much time for its preparation. It is not only nutritious but also tasty breakfast recipe. From the ingredients to the instructions, we have put them together here:  Bread Upma Recipe.

Instant Bread Vada: Bored of eating toast every morning? Grab a bite of bread vada. IT is made using basic ingredients such as bread, rice flour, semolina and many more. An extra care has to be taken about the quantity of the ingredients. You need to maintain a balance between different tastes. Taste the mixture and then head to the preparation part. You can get the complete directions here: Instant Bread Vada Recipe.

Bread Roll: This is a common Indian snack that is crunchy as well as delectable. Every person has her unique style of concoction of bread rolls. We have come up with an easy and simple cooking method. Serve it as breakfast with green chutney or ketchup and enjoy it on a monsoon evening. This can be prepared in less than 20 minutes. If you are confused about how to make the perfect bread rolls, then follow our latest Bread Roll Recipe.

Thukpa Recipe: Widely popular across East India, Thukpa is basically a noodle based soup with lots of veggies and of course, flavours. Usually, meat is added to the soup, ours is purely a vegetarian recipe. If you are fond of trying different flavours, then you must give a shot to this recipe. It is not just a soup, but can be served as a light dinner meal. For those days, you don’t want to feel like taking heavy meals, go for Thuka Recipe.

Kachri ki Chutney: Kachri is wild cucumber and is intensively used in the Rajasthani cuisine in powdered form. Generally, Rajasthanis are too fond of kachri, it is used to make delicious vegetables as well as chutney. Our recipe has a touch of Haryanvi cuisine. It is not the same as prepared in Rajasthan. You can get the complete recipe here: Kachri ki Chutney Recipe.

Hope you liked our new recipes. In case of any personal request, feel free to write to us. We would love to share our secret recipes with you. Stay connected for more exciting blogs.


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