5 Desserts to Try This Summer

5  Desserts to Try This Summer

Tired of eating the overrated ‘halwa’? Even the children who are blessed by a supercook mom get bored to the homemade food at some point. To eat yummy dishes you don’t need to leave your home. At Vini’s Cookbook we provide our readers with exciting recipes which can be easily made at home without any lavish ingredients. The summer is here to stay, so why not diverse your dessert menu? Today we are introducing 5 simple desserts you wouldn’t regret trying.

Let’s get started!

White Chocolate Coconut Truffle - Balls filled with white chocolate, coconut and heavy cream melting in your mouth what else do you need? The thick consistency of heavy chocolates indulges you for a longer time. The truffle melts slowly giving you enough time to enjoy the sweet taste of the chocolate and milky coconut. You don’t have to stick with white chocolate, as per your preference, you can switch to dark, or milk chocolate and even sweetened cocoa powder.
Read full recipe : https://www.viniscookbook.com/white-chocolate-coconut-truffles

Yogurt Parfait - It is a combination of yogurt, fruits, cream, eggs, etc.forzened inside a glass covered by a mouth-watering topping. Parfait originated in france but is a popular dish in america too. The american version includes dried fruits, granola and greek yogurt. For making an appetizing parfait, checkout our yogurt parfait recipe. Parfait is a great breakfast option. You can start your day with a light and healthy dessert.

Basundi - It is a dessert from the western part of India and goes by the name of rabri in northern states. Basundi is a popular sweet dish in Gujrat. The milk is condensed to half of the initial amount without deteriorating the flavour. It is cooked on a low heat. Dry fruits, saffron, cardamom and nutmeg are added to improve the taste. Read the basundi recipe on our official blog.It takes only 25 minutes to make; plus you can use the leftover milk from last night!

Mawa Peda - Are you a lazy cook? Then, the mawa peda recipe is just for you. It calls for only three ingredients and can be prepared in short duration of time. The main ingredient is khoda, cardamom and powdered sugar are added to enhance the taste. If you love dried fruits, crush and sprinkle pistachio over your mawa pedas. checkout recipe of Mawa Peda- https://www.viniscookbook.com/mawa-peda-recipe

Stuffed Khoya Modak - Lord Ganesha’s favorite, modaks have an entire range of different recipes. For now, we are considering the mawa modak recipe with a filling of coconut and jaggery inside. Powdered sugar, cardamom, saffron, dried fruits, and khoya are the essentials to get your modaks ready. Checkout recipe here- https://www.viniscookbook.com/stuffed-khoya-modak

The above-mentioned are only a few recipes from our summer collection, at our site you will find more than 300+ summer dishes which can all be made at home without any expensive ingredients. We cover every recipe in detail, our step-by-step guide has helped billions of reader to become proficient cooks. Be the favorite cook of your family with our cookbook!



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